What’s ZBURG ?

ZBURG  is an offbeat crime mystery about a detective and the local characters who’s lives collide during a murder investigation. It’s told in short pieces with a season of 15 episodes of 7-8 minutes each.  It was filmed in Ogdensburg, New York over the course of 2017 with three seasonal or episode arcs, shot across two December holidays and one Summer.

So What’s it About ?

Haunted and sidelined former BCI detective Harry Mallette negotiates with a violent nemesis, mysterious newcomers, petty thieves and peculiar misfits of all ages  to solve the murder of a local meth dealer as unemployment, an amphetamine epidemic and competition for drug territory hits a struggling fictional city on the Canadian border.

What’s It Really About?

The show is about finding identity a remote place, with fewer choices and the benefit or curse of a close knit community. In Zburg we see that no one character is exactly who they seem at first glance.  The personal struggles and motives define those who remain, hustling to survive in a post-industrial town.  As an inescapable crisis grows around them, we see even Harry has a hidden past that’s brought him back and may just keep him there.

How’d You Make It ?

Shot on a shoestring budget on the Canadian border with an all local North Country cast and crew,  ZBURG demonstrates there is already innovation, talent, creativity and experimentation with new media going on in Ogdensburg and the surrounding area. Aside from acting talent, most of the music was donated by local musicians and sometimes inspired by the fictional story itself. Throughout the production, the community and growing number of creatives saw the potential for future projects already in progress.  The show in it’s entirety is available for viewing on the Home tab.