Some new Extras posted to our Youtube Page :

Some changes are afoot. A Zburg Film Version is now for rent on the site. Along with putting the first few episodes on this site and youtube we have released some of the extras. This first one is pretty damn funny. Shot in Mark’s mother’s kitchen. Dave kills it…

Just could not resist including this hilarious out take by Dave House Jr in the extras section of the Zburg Season One. Dave and Mark put this scene together moments before shooting and much of this is Dave improvising. **Not intended as an instructional video**
Ryan Woodard and the Fulton Road Band collaborated on this music video. Inspired by Zburg the video shows many of the locations in Ogdensburg where we shot.
Chip Bracy was handy with his phone camera. He shot all the behind the scenes footage. Here are a few of his clips from out hometown production.