New Festival Selections: Great Lakes, Baltimore, Georgia !!

It’s festival season and Zburg continues to rack up some prestigious accolades and inclusions in national and regional film festivals.


This festival has an extensive virtual screening program along with their headquarters event in Erie, PA

The Baltimore Next Media Web Festival is very important for us. Zburg is a web series and we are exploring the kind of content that is now in demand in the digital media space. This festival from 1-4 November 2018 will be an excellent opportunity to show our series and take advantage of the network of emerging creators and producers.

Our Last but not least –> Also in November. Listed as one of  the top 20 Film Festivals worth the entry fee by Moviemaker Magazine.  OFFICIAL SELECTION means it’s going to be screening down in Georgia !  I think we have stop acting so surprised when this good news is coming in. We made a quality film with a great story. Congrats Team Zburg !!

tMore to come !!